GRAY is 8:50 minutes long sound walk, my outcome of the workshop with LARA ALMARCEGUI. The sound walk is located in an industrial area of Utrecht in the parking building that is whole made out of gray massive rough concrete. When you walk up and down in the building you can literally feel to be prisoned by the concrete. When you look out through dirty windows they turn the outside world into different shades of gray. If you will try to escape from the grayness by running to the stairs towards to the open top floor, you could see far away from there, but what you would find out would be only that kind of misty fogginess, blurring the horizon. It has become impossible to recognize where the sky begins.
Based on that you can see the smallness of the building itself. All these feelings that I felt during the time spent on the location inspired me to do the sound walk. I decided for a  sound walk and quite strict directed guide tour to let my visitors feel the obligation to obey. The parking lot reminded me the functionalist buildings that were very typical for communistic era. Even today you have to follow certain society rules in the cities. But this building requires much more. There are plenty of surveying cameras and the entrance to the building is prohibited until you are not an employment one of the big companies that operate the parking lot. In addition, there is still this feeling of imprisoning by the concrete. From very first sight the building was for me a perfect embodiment one of those descriptions of the breathtaking buildings from George Orwell’s novel, 1984. Text of sound walk consists partly of short excerpts from the book THE ROAD by McCarthy  Cormac accompanied by my own writing.