ANNA_FELICIA or FELICIA_ANNA is an audio walk installation, that size exactly copies a measurements of one room of red light houseboat district (that was closed in 2013 in Utrecht, NL). At the same time the size and equipment of the room can represent any kind of other place for living. The set up itself is very simple because it supposes to trigger spectator’s imagination and prejudices based on a collective memories, that manifest during the listening of Anna’s talk in the headphones.


Before you enter the installation, you are asked to read letters from Anna, that are addressed to her mother. This will start process of your imagination, creation of assumptions what kind of person Anna is.

In the audio walk you get to know ANNA’s ordinary day. However at this point you are encountering with FELICIA as well. ANNA and FELICIA are just two different personages of the same individual.

ANNA is sending letters back home to her mother about how she is doing abroad and
FELICIA is working in red light district that nobody from family and friends knows about.



” In the process of perception,
the wide range of stimuli flowing
into the brain at any one time is
filtered on the basis of what
the brain already knows.”